Relativity and Absolutism with the Relative Strangers

June 4, 2012 in Live Reviews by Jon Lee

For some reason, many OC bands have taken a break during the past year, and we don’t know why. One of these bands is the Relative Strangers. They’re no strangers to the OC scene, but they’re starting to kick off into LA.

They played their CD release show at the Troubadour this past Saturday. The Relative Strangers have a jazz-funk sound that heavily focuses on evolving a specific theme for each melody. Each song is well over any radio edit, but they never feel long. They evolve with a bridge, an interlude, and build-up to finales that combine every piece of sound from earlier into an explosive firework.

Daniel Alcala’s voice is soft but never hard to hear, and Craig is the most excitable Bassist I’ve ever seen. He looks riveted in his riffs while he plays on stage. I find it funny that the Alcalas have long, wavy hair and the Garcias have no hair. At least telling whose brother is whose is fairly easy.

You don’t really see many people dance at Orange County shows, so seeing people leaping in excitement for the Relative Strangers in LA is refreshing. Whether it’s just the LA crowd, or whether the Relative Strangers have that special something… well… my bet’s on the latter.

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