Future’s Legends: LA Font

August 2, 2012 in Live Reviews by Chantel Donnan

The red-lit haze of the Troubadour showroom just screams rock n roll. Maybe it’s the legendary stories I’ve read about wild nights with Dokken or Guns N’ Roses, but there’s something about the dark of that room moments before a show that feels… significant. Electric, in a way. A bunch of other words I can’t think of because the feeling is just that overwhelming. And last week, when Echo Park band LA Font set foot on that stage, the feeling was as powerful as ever.

If there was one thing I took away from my last encounter with LA Font, it was this: “pure sex appeal.” That night, the boys had it in spades, and ladies in the crowd catcalled and whistled as the boys tuned up their instruments. I borrowed a pen from the bartender (which I returned, as promised, skeptical bartender woman) as the band started playing, but my notes quickly fell by the wayside; the band was simply too fascinating, and I had to soak it all in. Lead guitarist and singer Danny Bobbe is the epitome of a punk rock kid playing it cool. He sings with an indelibly bored expression that actually makes you want to dance, if only to impress him. In fact, the whole band (Bassist Greg Katz, Guitarist Jon Perry, and Drummer Harlow Rodriguez) gives off quite the rock star vibe – equal parts impassioned and indifferent.

LA Font played a quick set, including tracks from their EP The American Leagues such as “The American Leagues” and “Fine Lines,” as well as their most recent single, “Sharks.” (This particular tune is the one that won me over, back when I was stuck at a cheerleading function for my sister’s school with only my iPod to comfort me.) The whining drawl of Bobbe’s guitar solos, paired with the half-belted, half-shouted lyrics made this song a real crowd pleaser. As Greg and Jon gathered together on either side of a mic, ready to join Danny in singing, “I’ll do whatever it takes/It takes a symphony,” I couldn’t help disagree. These boys clearly did not need a symphony to rock one of the most infamous clubs in the LA music scene, and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before everyone has caught on to LA Font.

You can download LA Font’s entire musical catalogue on the band’s website.

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