Let Me Introduce You to Elvis Monroe

October 3, 2012 in New Artists by Amy Hsieh-Villa

Elvis MonroeYou’ve heard of the band Paperback Hero, I’m sure you know who Lifehouse is, and I’m certain you know Matchbox Twenty. What if I told you bits and pieces of these amazing bands, plus the kin of a legendary singer-songwriter, have all formed together to create one artistic acoustic rock phenomenon? That would be epic, you’d say. Well, it has happened my friends. And there’s a name for it: Elvis Monroe. Named after two of the biggest icons of all time, it’s now a name you won’t soon forget.

One thing is for sure, the album satisfies expectations when learning of the names that collaborated on this record. Elvis Monroe is Bryan Hopkins (Elvis Monroe) on vocals, Ben Carey on guitar, Matt Nelson on bass/vocals, and Ryan MacMillan on drums.

The Los Angeles based band has a unique sound that can be described as Americana, almost country rock at times, but mainly acoustic with strong harmonic vocals backed by flawless instrumentals. Bryan Hopkins and Ben Carey wrote most of the lyrics on the six-track EP. Songs of love and heartbreak and poetic inspirational lyrics make this album a timeless treasure.

Elvis MonroeThe EP begins with “Black Clouds,” a song about heartbreak that will heal anyone going through that dark time of loneliness after a breakup. “Green Light” is an upbeat track that gives you a sense of adrenaline when beginning a new relationship, yet reminds you of the consequences of moving too fast. The third track is the title track “Comin’ Around” and is also my favorite. Like a nighttime lullaby, Elvis Monroe produces a calm and light acoustic song with lyrics like, “I’d share each breath with you- Just to help you breathe -Walk blind into the dark- Let love enlighten me…” I won’t spoil all the goodies here because this is an EP you should certainly add to your download list. Although the sixth and last track of their EP titled “Beautiful End” is a beautiful end to the breakout of Elvis Monroe, it kind of leaves us wanting more.

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