These Things Justin Soileau Says Hold True

January 15, 2013 in Uncategorized by Carlos A.

Justin Soileau Remember Sure you have one and twenty reasons to be at the OCMA’s tonight in Tustin, but let me tell you couple reasons to stay until the end, until after Justin Soileau is done with his set.

Number 1: His songs are relationship time capsules, and they are told with torturous sincerity. This is a good thing, however; they invite you to react. Listen to “Do You Remember,” where he sings, ”Were you watching, when he kissed your ex girlfriend, did it make you feel sad? Did it make you feel better to spend the whole night with some friends?” But not all the reactions are heart-wrenching, many of his songs are also danceable and hilarious at times. Take “I’d Never Lie to You,” for example, where things get histrionic: “You know I’d never lie to you, only if I had to… so don’t believe all the flatteries are true.” That theatrical characteristic is part of Soileau’s signature. It often feels like he is conversing with his muse.

Number 2: This is Justin Soileau’s last show in Orange County for a while. He’s got a ticket to Austin, TX to work on his next album after the OCMA finals, so if you ever wanted to see him live, this is going to be one of your last opportunities for a while.

Justin Soileau self-titled album came out last September, after which we called him the best-kept secret in OC. Well, this would be a good time to find out what’s on his mind, and in his songs. Never Lie

Tonight’s Line-up at The District in Tustin (2437 Park Ave, Tustin, CA):

7pm Annie McQueen
7:45 Becky Holt
8:30 Cherokee Fade
9:15 Alice Wallace
10:00 Justin Soileau

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