With a singer that has so much power behind his voice, a heavily distorted guitar that is so magnificently loud, and some rapidly paced music accompanied by quick changes in tempo, The Dead Ships really created the perfect formula for a great, fun-to-listen-to band.

The Dead Ships are a garage rock trio hailing from the no- so-distant land of Echo Park, and man, do these guys rock. There is so much presence behind their songs that you can almost see the band performing live right before your eyes. I can already tell that these guys put on a good show just from the energy radiating off their music. Although they’re officially under the genre of garage rock, you can relate their songs to some more modern blues artists, such as The Black Keys’ earlier work; if you’re into that kind of stuff, you should definitely give them a listen. Their newest song “When I Go Away” especially caught my ear, and if this is the direction they’re going, then I’d keep a watchful eye (or ear) on this band because there is going to be  a lot good tunes to come.

Drummer, Chris Spindelilus, says that the band is “really into playing shows that create community,” which makes a lot of sense as they’re going to be playing at Brokechella this year on 4/20. Mark your calendars because it sounds like this band’s going to put on quite a show!

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