A Thousand Miles from Home picks up right where Sweet Madness left off, at a standoff with heartbreak. The first track of the album, “If I knew” takes hold right away with Alice Wallace musings on how she got to where she is.

It all began after the sleeper success of her first album, which led her to tour around the West coast multiple times, and made her a staple of the O.C. music scene. It’s only been two years since Sweet Madness, but these new songs showcase a stronger voice awash with the experience of her constant touring, locally and afar.

Tracks like “A Waltz” or “Those Fairy Tales” have been around for a while, but they sound brand new in the album. The arrangements are just right, poignant where they need to be and ushering when Wallace takes us on a journey. When she sings “everything is temporary, she tells me again, so why I am still sitting here thinking of him,” it is easy to get lost in her story-telling and expert waltzing. Props here also go to her band: Tom Bremer (guitar and backing vocals), Neil Patton (upright bass), Evan Maloney (percussion), Jeremy Long (keys, accordion); and producer Jon O’Brien, for carefully crafting those nuances onto the record.

Although beautifully nostalgic, the standoff doesn’t last and somewhere in the middle of the album, the singer-songwriter signals to your feet to start having fun. “Roses” is that perfect song for you, tapping-from-your-chair dancers. There is no yodeling in Thousand Miles (unfortunately), but there are still plenty of surprises like the Southern “Oh So Sweet,” or the sexy “Even L.A.” to keep the experience constantly renewing, and constantly bringing you back.


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