A new release and new band that I came across in my record nerd travels is Joanna Gruesome and their debut LP Weird Sister. That 90s indie rock sound is in right now but many bands are playing it safe and staying true to form, closely adhering to one genre.

Joanna Gruesome

Weird Sisters Album Art

Joanna Gruesome however, is the most joyous of clusterfucks, employing the guitar tones and airy vocal approach of dream pop but without a moments notice will build upon this formula with another layer of fuzzed-out indie rock guitar before heading into a noisy head-on collision of punk destruction.

The switch from hook-laden indie pop to crushing abrasive blasts is just the type of thing that makes me take notice. The songs don’t rely on sheer brutality, using melody to make the songs memorable while also reminding you that beauty can deteriorate into a calculated mess in an instant.

This band is like being handed a bouquet of flowers, immediately followed by being punched in the throat. It reminds me of the first Dinosaur Jr. record (back when they were still called Dinosaur) where the hardcore punk roots are still evident but there is a scope and range that far surpasses stripped down fury. The combination of well-formulated indie pop and unpredictability makes this album another winner for the folks over at Slumberland Records.

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