Andrew Carroll and Jessi Williams of The Lonely Wild

Andrew Carroll and Jessi Williams of The Lonely Wild

I know January 1st was a week ago, but being that day one of 2014 was a Wednesday I took the liberty of extending my holiday through January 6th. If any of you did the same then I’m sure you too had an ungodly plethora of emails to answer, voicemails to listen to, and a list of to-dos long enough to make your head spin. Where am I going with this you may be wondering? Well… Guess what day it is? That’s right – HUMPDAY! And for those of you thinking “omg she’s so 2013,” all apologies, however The Lonely Wild have given us something to look forward to this, and every other Wednesday for the rest of this month. Hailing from Los Angeles, this wildly –ahem– talented quintet is taking up residency at one of our favorite watering holes, Costa Mesa’s Detroit Bar, and lucky we are to have them.

If you know The Lonely Wild then these words just got your full attention — because there’s no way you’d miss a chance to see them live locally. For the rest of you, I’d drive to Vegas right now and put money on this band making it big (whatever “making it” means anyway). In all seriousness you want to see these guys up close and personal.

The Lonely Wild

The Lonely Wild

The Lonely Wild create a sound that oscillates between heaven, hell, and all things mythical in between. The band’s latest album, The Sun As It Comes, bears the likeness of a journey through the Wild West; at times the melodies mosey along, making pit stops at saloons for shots of whiskey to wet the whistle, and other times their haunting incantations cause the listener to crack the reins, kick in the spurs, and ride without abandon into the sunset.

The opening bands for each night of this residency are carefully thought-out and anything but “openers.” Tonight Robert Jon & the Wreck and The Janks will be kicking things off. In other words, get there on time, this isn’t the show to be fashionably late to.

The Lonely Wild Detroit Bar Residency Nights: 8:PM, $5, 21+

1/8/2013: with Robert Jon, and the Wreck, The Janks

1/15/2013 with Poor Man’s Change, and Matthew Neuschafer

1/22/2013 with Yellow Red Sparks, and The Gromble

1/29/2013 with Jeramiah Red, and A House for Lions

Words by Sarah Escalante
Photography by Andrew London


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