Breach The Summit are energetic, enthusiastic and basically embody everything that’s great about young, fresh bands. They pay a lot of attention to the beat, something that becomes clear the moment lead singer Olen Kittelsen sits down behind the drum kit.

Breach the Summit

Breach the Summit

The stage is in fact peppered with drums, just lousy with them. Setting aside the abandoned kit set up in the traditional drum kit location – Olen’s is front and center – there are also drums in front of each of the rest of the band members, so they can chime in their rhythms. The band’s percussion-heavy sound plays to that part in all of us that just wants not one, not two, but four guys to drum simultaneously and with abandon. The intro of “You Don’t Know” delivers exactly that and yes, it’s just as satisfying as you’d imagine.

Nearing the end of their set on Night One of the OCMAs, the crowd was all arms up, clapping in unison to the sound of sweet teen angst of “Comatose”: “I am the victim, she’s in my system!” A guest joins them on stage to play the Vibra-Slap (which in addition to sounding kind of like a kinky sex toy — patent now pending — is also a percussion instrument!) and, just when it can’t get any better, Olen takes to the electric ukulele for “I Get Lost.” The audience kind of melts at that point, lost in a contemplative euphoria they won’t soon forget.

Check out MusicInPress’s exclusive footage from Night 1 with Breach The Summit.

Words by Bojana Sandic
Photography by David Reeve
Videography by Kevin Silva

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