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Jason Mize

By the time The Devious Means took over the stage halfway through opening night of the OCMAs, the energy of the room was nearing its peak. They pushed it over the edge.

The Devious Means’ stage presence is dynamic and unrelentingly personable. Add in the fact that they make music that’s both sharply conscious and that you can – at some points simply must – move to, and you get a potent mixture.

Though you’d be hard-pressed to find another indie-rock sound they’re holistically comparable to, their songs bring forth elements from across the spectrum. A thrashingly upbeat, no-fucks-given sound melding into contemplative indie-rock that preserves an engaging beat even during more ostensibly low-key moments, when the heady lyrics bandied between Christopher Faris (vocals, guitar) and Rachel Anderson (vocals, keyboard) take center stage.

Their look is a nod to times gone by: three-piece suits, ties, slicked back hair, while Rachel dons a black shift dress with a white petal collar. Their dapper aesthetic is a delightful contrast to their raucous sound.

Yet, it’s their general ethos that inevitably steals the show. Their command of the stage just seems to say, “come with us!” A fun and open-hearted presence, their effortless rapport with the audience creates the sense that everyone in the room is in on a joke they’re telling.

Christopher Faris

Christopher Faris

The band members’ brief interactions with each other during the show provided glimpses of the camaraderie they shared among themselves; Rachel and guitarist Andy McCraw putting their heads together for a second, Andrew getting a quick word in to Jason Mize on the drums between songs.

Whether pausing the show to engage with an overexcited member of the crowd about how good the Wahoo’s fish tacos outside were or taking that all-important moment to address that it was also Nicolas Cage’s birthday that night (“best actor of all time!”), they were having fun.

What did you miss last Tuesday? Here is a snippet. 


Words by Bojana Sandic
Photography by David Reeve
Videography by Kevin Silva

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