The Lonely Wild

The Lonely Wild

I like the radio. I listen to Spotify in the office, but I truly enjoy when I hear a DJ’s voice, and his/her sincere impressions on new music. As much as I click on Spotify “recommendations” from time to time, I rather have a human than an algorithm tell me what I may like.

NPR’s Bob Boilen posted a Best Live Concerts of 2013 recently and I noticed that one of my favorite secrets is not a secret anymore. Word has been getting around about The Lonely Wild. These guys are not just touring, they are proselytizing wild hauling-to-the-moon parties. People who like hypnotic wild trance states have been telling people who may like hypnotic wild trance states.

MIP had a chance to sit down with The Lonely Wild last week in a pretty cozy conversation by a fireplace at Detroit Bar. If you were trying not to like them anymore, this video is not going to help.

Interview by Sara Escalante
Videography by Kevin Silva and Rob Dumitrescu

The Lonely Wild residency at Detroit Bar culminates tomorrow (1/28), and it is absolutely unmissable. They’ll be joined by Jeramiah Red and A House for Lions. In fact, we have 2 pairs of tickets to give away and if you tell us why you want to be there tomorrow night, it may just be you who gets to join us.

Check our YouTube Channel for more live footage on The Lonely Wild.

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