The natural sound of the human voice is in short supply these days. Radio stations and music awards tend to favor electronic and auto-tuned vocals, leaving the fully human unappreciated. Thankfully, Nilu has stepped up to restore some balance to the scene with her classically-trained, yet immensely entertaining, style.
Ever since the Noise Coalition video for “Sing for you” exploded on YouTube, we’ve been waiting for the official EP release, secretly hoping it would preserve the vibrant energy and fidelity of her concerts. The EP titled Dichotomy does exactly that and then some.


EP Art Cover by Erin Hoffstetter

Dichotomy‘s opening track, “Breakdown,” is a bold move of tenderness and innuendo which sets the tone for what Nilu and her band do together. Credit here also goes to the impressive instrumentalists: Ben Ross (bass), Chris Adriance (cello), Brandon Osorio (guitar), Sarah Tatman (violin), and Logan Smith (drums).EP Art

While Dichotomy is sweet and melodic, it is also a restless compilation. All four songs feel like movements of the same piece. Each tune exploring elements of sensuality and subtle darkness that seem to complement each other from beginning to end. Nilu and band are masterful at letting silence and ambiance be a part of the songs, which appears simple until the brilliant nuances hit you. Take for instance the chorus in “Someday” – Nilu’s voice flutters down in near stillness and then, suddenly, the instrumental passionately shatters the silence! It will make your heart skip a few beats.

There isn’t a lackluster song in Dichotomy. Each track has its own personality, peak, and awe-inciting spirit, but “Within Without” truly lives up to the album title. The track is hyperactive, delicate, and filled with desire to notice the intangible.
So, take a break from the droning of robot voices, as entertaining as that is, and dive into the dark and warmth of an old fashion flesh and bones gifted voice.

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