Ever pondered the possibility that your body can tell when you like a band before you do? The way every hair on your body stands up like something caught its attention? Then, the goosebumps follow, covering your arms and legs completely. Then finally a pleasurable chill rolls up your spine, creating the perfect input firework finale. The whole ordeal happens in the matter of seconds, like a lightning strike in your nervous system, but it leaves quite the impression. Well, this very situation occurred to me during my first listen of The Gary’s upcoming album Farewell Foolish Objects.

I believe music isn’t just about what you’re hearing; it’s a multi-sensory event. Truly satisfying music can be felt down to your bones (and I don’t mean the way your bones feel like they’re physically rattling when you stand too close to the amps at a concert). Music ultimately takes on all sensory inputs to create the amazing experience we all have while listening. The album’s opening track, “Blank”, struck a chord in my heart with a transparent, yet epic, tone. “Blank” hits you in the same way that Noah and the Whale’s concept album The First Days of Spring’s opening track does; bold, yet somber.

The Gary

You won’t get this transparency for long though, as The Gary displays exuberant force behind their songs, discussing the woes and triumphs behind the times in and between their work week. Skillfully executed repetition and imagery combine with a driving energy capable of forcing you to move, to leave you both enticed and wanting more. This album has its highs and its lows, with an array of relatable topics ranging from the mind of an insomniac to wishful thinking for the road to come. To my astonishment, there is even a captivating cover of a rather obscure song by The Mountain Goats in there. Dave Norwood’s unique timbre puts a must-listen-to spin on John Darnielle’s famously stunning lyrics. You can tell the band sunk their blood and sweat into this eclectic album, but it’s your body what they are after.


The Gary is an Austin, TX based three-piece consisting of Dave Norwood (bass/vocals), Trey Pool (guitar), and Paul Warner (drums). You can pick up their 5th album Farewell Foolish Objects on October 28th, 2014.

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