The Delta Riggs raise the bar on what it is to perform live rock and roll. Their set in the Taix Champagne Room was a definite high note for the final night of the festival, both musically and visually. Saturday night had frontman Elliott Hammond throwing himself and various equipment around the stage in frenetic lurches as he flew between a center-stage mic and a keyboard with movements that pay serious homage to unbridled inebriation. Yet, he was in full control and we were ensnared in his world.

He never for a moment stopped moving, whether dramatically abusing the mic stand in every imaginable fashion, jumping off the drum set, screaming at the crowd, or disappearing from the stage only to emerge with a hat, a beer, or maracas, there was no break in the chaos. “Rah Rah Radio” had him throwing himself around the stage and then leaning into the crowd to sing the chorus, and the recently-released Rancid-inspired “No Friends” has an energy that must be heard to be appreciated. Their music is pure rock with a punk attitude, raw vocals, and strength at its core.

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