Nina Persson took change of The Church stage as though she had been a priestess in a former life, her kimono sleeves like fine vestments for the worship of some divine femininity. “I’m Nina Persson, and these are Nina’s Persons,” she said, nodding toward her band. She performed most of Animal Heart, her first solo album released earlier this year, to a mesmerized house, among them opener “Clip Your Wings” and the single “Animal Heart.” Her powerful voice belted out, reaching toward for the vaulted ceiling. “Come be my man, baby, bail with meee…”

“My solo career is really short, so I have to fill in with songs from other projects,” she stated matter- of-factly about midway through the show, to a whoop from a longtime fan in the front row. She included A Camp favorites like “Love Has Left the Room” and a heartbreaking performance of “Bear on the Beach.”

When it was all done, she returned for an encore following a standing ovation (The Church being the only venue where such a gesture can be made), performing David Bowie’s “Boys Keep Swinging,” commanding “Come back, we’re not done, for God’s sake.”

Words by Bojana Sandic
Photography by David Reeve

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Bojana Sandic is the Editor and Creative Director of Music in Press. She is a writer and film programmer who loves being pulled into a moment.

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