Depending on the stringency of your personal moral compass, this may make me seem like an “easy” girl, but it took less than 13 minutes and 5 songs for me to hop in bed with Big Monsta’s sound.

Since I’m only 40 words into this article and already shelling out innuendos, I’ll go ahead and test my luck with this potentially dangerous theory as well… Big Monsta has an essence about them that I find reminiscent of—dare I say it?— The Beatles. Cue dramatically audible gasps escaping the moths of music aficionados round the world…

I recognize that there is some sort of journalistic taboo in comparing any band to The Great and Powerful Fab Four (unless of course said musicians have paid their dues, plus interest, and late fees), but all I know how to write is the way in which what I hear makes me feel, and after listening to the EP, Crooked Vol. 1, continuously for a week now, Beatles, Beatles, Beatles, keep popping up in my head like a big flashing neon sign, and upon consideration, I’ve surmised this gut reaction to be contingent on the following… First and foremost there is lead singer Jimmy Hua’s voice, without which I wouldn’t be writing this nonsensical piece in the first place. He’s got a yummy voice—deliciously effortless—the kind that makes your eyes close when you swallow. His harmonies are good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They can swoon the drunk and sooth the hungover. Homeboy’s got pipes with the power to both take you to church and make you throw your panties up on stage… hell, with a voice like that, he could probably get you to throw your panties on stage while at church. There is an all encompassing and limitless nature to Jimmy’s voice, and it’s that warmly wonderful quality that I attribute to sounding Beatle-esque. (And in case I just made that word up on the fly, I’m going to go ahead and call shotgun copyright).

His voice is enough, maybe more than enough, but it’s not his voice alone. In the aforementioned 5 song and 13 minute timeframe, this band manages to genre hop like an 11 year old kid with an undiagnosed case of attention deficit disorder—and for those of you who still having trouble discerning my tone, I meant that ADD comment as a 100% compliment.

With the Crooked EP, Big Monsta wastes no time trying to woo their listener in a 12- track dance. The album opens with a clang and maintains a sense of take it or leave it energy throughout. It doesn’t apologize or explain itself. It doesn’t give you numbers to paint by, or a line to follow. It doesn’t care if you can’t keep up, but rather panders to those who can.

I think it’s the refusal to subscribe to formula that again causes me to draw a likeness to The Beatles, and although Big Monsta are a mere burgeoning Orange County band, Crooked Vol. 1 shows they have the potential to defy modern convention with the same gumption of the Greats.

Crooked Vol. 1 EP release show is this Saturday at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, CA.

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