On Saturday night of the 2015 Los Angeles Music Video Festival, out of the finalists emerged the winners.  They were awarded with bronze VHS tapes and a spot on the following night’s “Victory Lap” screening of winners. Outstanding videos for some pretty great songs! Check them out here.


“VICTOR” – Prinze George

Best Student Video & Best New Director  awarded to director Thomas Hinkamp

A melancholically beautiful movement for camera film where every cinematic detail, from flower petals to water droplets to the way the light hits the bedraggled setting spins into the story of its two main figures. He is a ragdoll. She is bathing him, dressing him, preparing him.




“RANSOM” – Son Lux

Best Unofficial Video awarded to directors Jing Shao & Jess Zo

The winner of LAMVF’s signature and vitally important “Unofficial” category shows the power of an outside perspective melding with a piece of music. In it, a female boxer’s determination is explained in poignant vignettes that appear before her, memories that play out surreally at ringside.



“AMARON & WALDEN’S JOYRIDE” – Hugo Chegwin & Fred Berry

Best Animation Video awarded to directors Tim McCourt & Max Taylor

The white-knuckle ride of two tiny guys blasting though a large world. Its absurdity and humor will catch you off guard.




“GOLD”  –  Chet Faker

Best Non-Narrative Video awarded to director Hiro Murai

Darkness and motion are the key players in this mesmerizing world. The feeling of the video overall is ephemeral, like a dream or hallucination. A gorgeous roller skater emerges from the darkness as we travel down a road, in a journey that continues from the first second when the pavement comes into focus until the last (and makes this especially enjoyable on a big screen). She is soon joined by two more girls, each becoming spotlighted as they come out of the darkness. Their movements are rhythmic, fluid, calming.




Best Narrative Video awarded to director James Lees

A cinematic experience that can be viewed as either a dual music video for both Benjamin Booker’s “Slow Coming” and “Wicked Waters” or as a short film with an excellent soundtrack. The visual and music elements are inextricably tied in this journey of a wandering musician who is pulled into a time loop that begins to pull him with increasing urgency toward a deadly display of police violence in the segregated South.




“COME” –  Jain

Best VFX Video Presented by Gloria FX awarded to directors Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel

No surprise that the VFX honors went to this charming playground of perspective. An infectious rhythm bounces the viewer from one richly-colored visual illusion to another. This is one you can watch on repeat.



You can now actually watch all of the official selections on repeat to your heart’s content on LAMVF’s website.

Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Music Video Festival

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