Music In Press is for exploration. We chart the journey of music, from creation through experience, and follow the ripples of its cultural impact. We strive to tell vivid stories through unabashed, thoughtful writing and beautiful photography. We’re dedicated both to shining a light on local and emerging artists, as well as to searching out music from all over the world. Discovery starts here.

Music is social even when it is solitary. The ideas and feelings that it conveys are part of a greater consciousness that we share as listeners, artists and people. It gives us a deeper understanding of the world, a voice to our interiors, and meaning to the grit of life. It is able to connect in a way that no other medium quite can, transcending time, bidding everything into the now.

That’s why we are seekers of music experiences, taking you by the hand on adventures where you may find your next moment of truly meaningful connection with a band, with a song. With music.

While the magazine is easy to navigate by traditional verticals, we invite you to explore these stories with a mind to the themes of Vision, Collision, and Vibration.


Inspiration and the creative process. Stories from behind the scenes. Where ideas are born, influences converge, and the creative process manifests in all of its glorious messiness.


The moment of experience. We go to the trenches at shows, festivals and beyond to capture the exchange of energy as music mingles with the sights, sounds, and smells of life.


Cultural impact. Explorations of the way that music influences individuals and resonates through the culture at large.

Meet The Team

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Editor & Creative Director

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Data Scientist

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Lead Designer & Developer

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Social Media Manager


Andrew London

Writer & Photographer

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