Linkin Park Shuts Down Sunset Blvd Loudly

The 2013 edition of The Sunset Strip Music Festival ended on a very high note. That’s not just a unfortunate pun, it is a matter-of-fact statement on how entrancing it was to be there for Linkin Park‘s closing of this year’s SSMF. The band packed 19 tracks of their impressive catalog into 90 minutes, and the crowd only grew louder in trying to match the energy emanating from the stage. After LP’s encore which included “In the End,” “Faint” and “One Step Closer”, it was clear The Sunset Strip isn’t just a relic of Rock and Roll, it’s a cradle of talent afire, and this was one of its best nights.

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David Reeve

David William Reeve is a photographer in Southern California. He is always seeking bands with compelling stage presence and unique stories to share in pictures. If your band has something interesting to say, contact David at

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